Browser Size

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Your browser size is too small to surf properly. Please ensure there is enough space to view the surfbar, and website being advertised. The StartXchange Surfbar is designed to automatically resize to a proper width and height. However if your browser settings prevent it from resizing, you will be redirect to this page.

Tip: If your resolution size is small, try disabling excess toolbars on your browser. Most browser allow you to easily add/remove them by right clicking the toolbars, and checking or unchecking the toolbars you want. With so many available these days, they can take up lots of valuable space ;-)


Simply put, surfing with the website small is not giving the website a chance to be seen. If you are resizing the browser window so you can surf multiple sites at the same time, this is only reducing traffic quality. StartXchange desires every hit to be valuable, and does not permit this. Attempting to surf in this fashion is considered cheating.