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05-21-08, 01:18 PM Thanks!

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Hi All

Most of the time replies to the commission notification PM is just a "Thanks". I appreciate the thanks, but it also makes it take longer to get to PMs that require me helping someone.

So, if you want to say thanks I'd appreciate it if you said it in this thread rather than PM. It's simple, just click the Thanks link at the bottom right of this post :D


PS. Thanks mysticblu1 for the suggestion!
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06-02-08, 10:22 AM Thanks!

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Hi Tim
Everytime you send a message all the thanks will be here. this is great as it saves us pming each other just to say thanks.
06-02-08, 06:25 PM Thanks!

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Thanks Tim for the commission
Take time to laugh, It is music for the soul.:p
06-07-08, 12:47 PM Thanks!

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Hey Tim
Thanks for the commission and this super quick way of thanking you
06-07-08, 06:59 PM Thanks!

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A BIG thank you :)
06-08-08, 02:25 PM Thanks!

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Hi Tim, if I say thanks first will you give me commission? lol
06-15-08, 01:54 PM Thanks!

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Wow! More commission. Thanks Tim.



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06-16-08, 12:07 AM Thanks!

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Thanks Tim for the commission

Here, here! Just made my first $ 1.5.

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06-16-08, 01:01 AM Thanks!

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No commission for me ... but just wanted to say thanks :)
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06-19-08, 10:17 PM Thanks!

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Thanks for the commissions, Tim!
That was a pleasant surprise! :-)

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06-21-08, 08:09 AM Thanks!

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Thanks for the commission Tim. This is really cool
06-21-08, 03:33 PM Thanks!

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I'm always happy when I receive commissions... Thank you !

Alessandro (Puck82)
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06-29-08, 03:58 AM Thanks!

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After another month, thank you again :)
06-29-08, 10:27 AM Thanks!

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Thanks Tim for the commission..!!:)
[b]Al Crews[/b]
06-30-08, 01:52 PM Thanks!

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Yippee...Thank you ever so much for the commission...
It was really a pleasant surprise when I opened the PM!
07-01-08, 02:12 PM Thanks!

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Thanks for the latest commission Tim. I'm really beginning to like this.



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07-02-08, 09:33 PM Thanks!

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AND Thanks to my TEAM too!!

07-03-08, 06:25 AM Thanks!

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Thank you Tim for the commissions.
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07-03-08, 12:03 PM Thanks!

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Thanks for the commisssion. I think any ideas you have for giving us money
make good policy. ;)
07-04-08, 12:48 PM Thanks!

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