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04-21-08, 02:52 PM

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When I first got into online marketing about a year and a half ago, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing! I read a lot of stuff, and tried a little of this and a little of that, but I never got anywhere because I didn’t know how to focus on the important things and was constantly getting sidetracked. My career as an online marketer came to a halt after a couple of months. I figured I might give it a try in the future, but for the moment, I would try something else.

Now, during this time, one thing I learned was that blogging could be a way of getting traffic to my site in order to make sales or get referrals or whatever I was trying to do with that site. This intrigued me, but I wasn’t sure exactly how to do it.

Then one day I decided to try some offline work-at-home business that many believed to be a scam, but that at least one or two good reports on the Internet. However, I decided to document every move I made for the rest of the world to see, because it was nearly impossible to find anything on the Internet about it, except people asking if it was a scam. So I started a blog, explaining what I planned to do, and updating it every few days.

From my brief venture into online marketing, I knew that I had to get a link to my blog out there where people would be looking, or it wouldn’t get any traffic. I knew that once it started getting some decent traffic, it would probably get indexed on the first or second page of Google and other search engines, where even more people could find it. At the time, I had no plans of earning anything from this blog, except a few cents here and there from the Google Adsense ads I had placed at the top of the page. So I hunted up forums and other places where people could post questions about different opportunities to find out from others if it were a scam or not, and made a post telling about my blog and inviting any readers to read the ongoing commentary. I think I posted in about 5 different places.

After about a month, I had to return the product. Unfortunately, I was not able to determine conclusively if the opportunity were a scam or not. I was about to have a baby and just didn’t have time and energy to devote to it. I sent it back and got my refund and basically ended my blog.

However, people kept coming. They would write me, asking my advice about the opportunity. They would click on links I put on the page. They would go to my other blog and read it too. When I decided to work my current online marketing program, I started recommending it to anyone who wrote me asking advice, and I got one very active sign-up my first week as a result. And anyone in internet marketing knows exactly what an active sign up means!

I currently am getting dozens of visitors to my blog daily, even though I haven’t posted to this blog for over a year. This is a fine example of the power of blogging.

Now, in case you missed them in the story, let me break down the things that made my blog so powerful—the things that you can do to make a powerful blog as well.

• There was a need for the blog
• There were links to my blog from other popular sites
• My blog gave me a good reputation
• My blog linked to my current programs and opportunities

Let’s look more closely at these three elements:

There Must Be a Need

Blog about “How to make money online” are a dime a dozen. However, there were no blogs that I could find about the work-at-home opportunity that I was interested in, so I started one. To make a powerful blog, you need to find a topic that doesn’t already have hundreds of sites with info on it. And it has to be relevant to potential marketers. A blog about where you went for vacation will only be interesting to family, or perhaps someone thinking of vacationing in the same spot you went to.

Links to My Blog

Search engines like sites that have links to other sites. They follow the links, and they track who follows them. If they find that a certain link is getting people’s interest, they will increase the rank of that link. So it is important to advertise your blog. Where and how you advertise will depend on the topic. In my case, I simply googled something like “scam forum” and posted to the first 5 forums. I could probably have a lot more visitors if I had taken this further than I did. I could have put it in my signature for all the forums which I frequent; I could have made a splash page and put it on traffic exchanges; I could have done a lot more, but I didn’t. Still, I am happy with its success.

My Reputation

Your reputation is what will ultimately get you somewhere in online marketing. My blog gave me a good reputation and helped to develop my image. This led them to follow the links in my blog.

Links Within My Blog

By the time people had finished reading my blog, I had earned their trust as an honest person. They therefore were quite willing to look into other opportunities that I suggested. And in a little over a year, I got made my first $100 from the Google Adsense ads at the top. And my profits are steadily going up; I expect to get my next $100 in only 6 months. This means the number of visitors I get is going up as well.

A am sure there are many other aspects to this topic of blogging (and maybe someone with more expertise than I will add some thoughts), but this is what I have learned, and I hope that it will be helpful to someone who reads it.

Lisa Reynoso

P.S. If you want to see the blog referred to, click here.
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this is old post. but seem's like good one.
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Welcome to our forum from Delaware. James and Helen
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I recently started a blog myself so this article caught my attention. I really liked how Lisa broke down the points that evoked a response for her blog.

I'm using my blog as a way to document basics in starting and promoting a home business. Because I come from a background of being a writer, I find I'm really enjoying the process of getting the information down in a way that's fresh and interesting.

Two things that really stood out for me in this article:

1) Because Lisa was new with the opportunity and was questioning its legitimacy, she used the blog as public document of her experience with it. I thought that was a very clever approach.

2) Even after she had abandoned the blog it continued to attract visitors. That is something marketers should take note of.

If you are trying to build your reputation online, I would encourage blogging as a fun and creative outlet for creating an online presence. The only caveat I would give is be sure you enjoy writing about the topic.

Louise Ciofalo
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Louise, great Blog! Love the look and feel of it - looking forward to more good
articles :)

Amanda Z
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I totally beleive that blogging is an awesome way to get traffic and referrals. One of my blogs does rank high in the google search engine. My problem is getting other bloggers to subscribe to my blog which would be where I get the referrals.. I use it to promote my business programs.

Would welcome any and all tips on how to get subscribers and referral links that will bring more traffic and maybe even a few conversions.
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nice story
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If you want to see the blog referred to, click here.
the link don't work thank you for article
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Great post. I've just started blogging myself. I take those tips of yours onboard.
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Thanks for the info.

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I believe you can get referrals and like minded people to follow you and be your friend by blogging. I started to learn how through empower network. Getting people to read your blog is the way to get the most success. Good luck to everyone that likes to blog and let your thoughts be known to the world. Karen
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A good way to get your thoughts and ideas out there :)
Martin Webster
If you NEVER ever start you will NEVER ever get there!
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Love the blog article was very interesting. Enjoyed reading it
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Hi there!

I find interesting the post of Lisa as a personal experience about blooging. She shows us how she was moved to write in it, and her socializing with people interested in what she was posting. I myself have three different ones, which for motiv of internet business I have not been able to update them as I should. This makes me more aware to look to my bloogs!

Dualberto Brito

Extended Pro
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Good Article