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I. Thou shalt dedicate thyself to becoming a well-trained Internet Marketing Professional.
(You're on a journey... a journey whose end is filled with more available time to do with as you please, more income, and more fulfillment as you generate more sales for your business. Dedicate yourself to learning all you can about your new skills and you will succeed.)

II. Thou shalt view all of your ads, tools, links, and promotion from the view point of your visitor.
(It doesn't matter if you personally "like" what you have done. If the people don't respond to your ad copy, it's NOT doing what it should be. Be prepared to think like your site visitors and give them what they want.)

III. Thou shalt be a sponge and soak up everything related to this site.
(The more you learn, the more powerful you become. The more powerful you become, the more effective you'll be at selling online.)

IV. Thou shalt steal from worthy competitors.
(See something that's working for a competitor? USE IT! Just be sure you don't violate any copyright laws.)

V. Thou shalt strive to be like Gumby... forever flexible.
(Do NOT be afraid to learn new techniques and make changes as you begin testing your advertising. The key to effective advertising is to test... test... and test some more.)

VI. Thou shalt change thy site in accordance with consumer learning.
(Customers are constantly learning and adapting. Make sure you're doing the same AND that your website reflects that.)

VII. Thou shalt honor thy search engines whether they be friend or foe.
(We'll show you how to win the search engine wars by making your site EXACTLY what your customers are looking for.)

VIII. Thou shalt become a hard-nose and will cast away pet ideas and techniques that are no longer productive for they are false gods.
(Bottom Line: If it isn't producing more leads or sales, get rid of it! Learn and apply a new technique that IS productive.)

XI. Thou shalt make at least a part-time effort to build thy website business.
(There's a difference between part-time and spare time. Make a focused effort to spend a little time EACH DAY on promoting your site and building your business.)

X. Thou shalt not spam.
(The sending of unsolicited commercial email is forbidden. Use your tools wisely to send your information to interested and approved leads and prospects. Your business will grow and you will avoid many headaches along the way.)

NOTE: This "Training Letter" is applicable to any opportunity You are promoting! By following this concept, You can become more successful with Your Online Endeavors! Good luck and God Bless!
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This is all great advice, but it was hard to read. The text that is both bold and italics gives me a headache. I'd remove the italics to make it easier on the eyes of readers.
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nice one ...

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A very enjoyable read! I like your sense of humor, as well as your ability to drive home a point!
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I came back to reread my point that i made here and i'm right back where i started
a very enjoyable read and it does have it's own way of saying can you follow the signs
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Thank you so much for sharing these Commandments. :)

I have been on the Internet since 1997 and could add a few more of my
I enjoyed your wonderful sense of Humor included here.

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Good to know !
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Good idea to view site from visitors point - we often forget about it.
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Very good concepts - thanks

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Good points well made, humour usually helps when making a point, a fact regularly missing from most corporate courses
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Great info, really hits the nail on the head
Timothy Millar
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Good article! Fundamentals for success!

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Your article is valuable to me as a guideline for building up my second-income business. These are really commandments: general rules to be observed.

I appreciate your work.
I like it here!
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good advice here kunzfun17
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Really good advice. Thank you!
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Thanks for you advice kunzfun. Would you mind if I paraphrased some of your ten commandments ?
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Ten Commandments of your's
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I think the ten commandment's rules are awesome to anyone new or long term,
For sometime if we get lost along the way we can step back regroup and get back on track.
Thank you,
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You had lots of great, helpful info listed here