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Many people think that banner advertising doesnít work. Sure banners donít get the same click-through rates as splash pages, but people do click on them.

Recently, I saw a splash page for a program. I wasnít interested in it at the time, but after seeing the splash page a few times, I decided to check it out. However, once I decided to learn more about the program, I wasnít seeing the splash page anywhere. I couldnít remember the exact name, so I had trouble searching for it. About the time I decided to give up and move on to other things, I saw a banner ad for the program. Of course, I happily clicked on the banner to learn more about the program.

If it hadnít been for that one banner, I wouldnít have joined the program.

Now the opposite effect can also happen.

Many people donít really give banners a second thought most of the time. However, if you have a real eye catching banner it will get noticed. It may not get clicks, but it will draw people in. A great banner should make people curious. If you give them a little taste of what your site is about, it will make them begin to wonder. After seeing the banner several times, they will be on the look out for more information. They may click on the banner, or they may click on a splash page or text link. They may even be interested enough to look up you site on Google or another search engine.

With one creative, eye catching banner, youíll do well, but more would be better. For maximum impact, create several banners. Be sure to have your site name on each of them and have a consistent look. They should each be different and give a different tidbit of information, but you want people to recognize that the banner is yours. Itís also a good idea to have the banners match the style of your splash pages: color, style, graphics, etc. People should be able to quickly recognize that the splash pages and banners are for the same site. They will be more likely to click on the splash page if they recognize that itís the same site in all the creative banners theyíve been seeing.

This is why itís critical to use every advertising means available to you: splash pages, text ads, banners, and more. The more places your site is seen and the more methods you use, the more visitors youíll have to your site.
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Very good information, I will use it. I alreay have a few banners but don't keep the credits asigned as I should
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Very encouraging. Nice article.
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Banners do work especially if you create it yourself and it's fresh in people's eyes with a catchy headline, you will diffinitely get clickthroughs.

One software that is free for download is called Irfanview, it's an opensource software I believe and it allows you to edit any blank banner template so that you can create your own unique banners.

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you are absolutly right and i never think of that.
thank you so much!
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Personally, I've always had good results with banner advertising. That's why I like traffic exchanges which let you convert credits into banners; or even better, traffic exchanges which have banner exchange service, like StartXChange does.
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I've never had any luck, but I've always used banners made by sites. I can't make my own, and I have tried using banner making software and found it complicated.

If someone else has luck with banner advertising, I sell them my banner credits so they don't sit around.
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Well if thats what banner do than we rae in for a long haul believe me banners are hard to make but do a very important call to action in your advertising so get sum up and out that you made and watch the colors run : Montoya
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What your talking about is mostly banding. This is what banners are
really great for. You can get your site name, your name, or image
out and keep it in the mind of others to know.

That's how the big companies do it. You know about McDonalds, Wal*Mart,
Target, and all.

So why would they advertise so much?
Take McDonalds billboard ads for an example.
Some of those just have a simple saying and you
know that it's theirs because of the why it is
branded with the red and yellow and because you
may have heard it in a previous ad.

The power of banners is something that can be misunderstood.

Edward L Wade
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I didn't believe in banners myself, but after making a dozen I saw that people like them and click on them. So may be the recipe is eyecatching banners with strong informaton in them and you will have results.
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True so true. Very good post, Thank You.
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This is very true. I've also noticed that the number of clicks depends on the traffic exchange you use. For the same banner I had no clicks in one traffic exchange and several clicks in an other traffic exchange.
The same for text links. My advice is : use your banner credits, you get them as a free bonus for surfing in many traffic exchanges.
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Very nicely written!
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Very nicely written
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banners are great. I have quite a few referrals in sites I only use banners to promote
Gina aka mimagi
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Banners remind viewers about your programs
Robin Langelier
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Thanks for the info.

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So I have to use more banners, I didn't often work with them, thank you.
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Great post Michelle! Thanks

Made me to think to use the banner ad, already have more than million credits at several sites that i ignored :D
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