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I am new to blogging so I am looking for all the feedback I can get.

All comments welcome especially suggestions for improvement

Thanks in advance for your advice,
Bob Caine
Together We Succeed,
Bob Caine
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Hi Bob, took a look at your "blog" and had a little trouble understanding this sentence:
"If you don’t, you probably won’t short of winning the lottery."

It does not make any sense to me...Perhaps you were thinking one thing and typed something else?

Anyway, most people identify their "blog" with a name...
Other than that, it is OK...
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Hi Bob,
I am not going to get critical on your writing because heaven knows mine is not perfect.
I will give you a few secrets to be picked up using a blog. KEYWORDS, KEYWORDS, KEYWORDS use them in your title ....USE them in your post. If it is just a throw away post then that is another thing, but if you want people to read it then you need to throw some controversial things in your title and your post.
Something like Money Making Scams...(Name of Program) Scam ...(Big Time Marketer Name) Stole My Money....Anything having to do with current events...Yahoo also lists their most searched terms on their homepage you may want to pull some from there.

Drop adsense and start getting traffic to your can add adsense again once your blog is making headway in Alexa and with the search engines.

Use blog services like blogrush, mybloglog, blogcatalog, and others to get your site noticed by other bloggers.

You content is not bad at all. I really like the writing, but if you want to make an impact you really need to nail out some controversial topics for the exposure alone.

I have one post that gets hits like crazy just because it has the program name and scam in it four times. It shows up within the top ten in searches for those terms.

You are on the right track just keep on going.

Your friend,
Daniel Pyle
Social Marketing Blog
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Great blog! I really like the way it is put together and the fact that you can see the beginning of the articles and not all of them just listed down the page like most blogs. I especially like your don't stomp the ants article! Keep up the good work!