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You hear it all the time, Building your own mailing list is the core of your business. This is all the more true with traffic exchanges and building massive downlines in them. By creating your own mailing list you will be able to promote any future traffic exchanges that launch or even promote the ones that are you current favorites.

To do this you need to have a unique edge, something different from what everyone else is doing out there. A few ideas that come to mind is your very own squeeze page that has your picture and a little bit about you and what your list is going to be about. You can give away a free ebook that you created or a PLR ebook. If you’re using a PLR ebook be sure to customize it with your own referral links to further maximize your sales and sign ups in other programs.

Another method that can be used is some type of contest. Cash works well and it does not have to be a record amount. In many cases a simple $10 after 20 entries or so is enough to get people involved and joining up to your list and programs.

After you have your mailing list built up when a new traffic exchange or program launches you now have a list to promote it to. You can ask your list members to join up via no incentive or if you like offer up another type of contest to spark more interest from your list.
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Very useful info thanks! :)
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Thanks. I love to read more from you
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Enjoyed this post, very informative and worth the time to read.
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Very nice! I like your advice.
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Do bear in mind however that if you start a list with a give-away, you will also attract 'tire kickers' who are only there for the freebie and have no interest in what you are promoting, and may well promptly put you on their junk mail list :)
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Very Good info thanks for the sharing

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I enjoyed your post. Thanks for the info!

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Very good idea :)
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Great idea and thanks for sharing.

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Yes indeed building your list is King! Like others I know I was once a program hopper and when I finally learned the true value of focussing on list building everything changed for me. More recently I discovered that when you have a list of even 18,000 you are in a great position to kick off a new business venture with ease.
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Hello everyone , wanted to say thanks for all information that i have learn throw you all and it's starting to pay off.

If anyone has not done a splash page or squeeze page you are missing a lot of ways to build your business.


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Thanks for the ideas
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thanks for the great infos
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Great stuff with nice ideas. Thanks
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Thanks for the great insight. I have just started to build my list so all of this info is greatly appreciated.

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They say, "The money is in the list", and I believe it to be true. Thanks for sharing. It's very good information.
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That is great information thank you