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I agree building a list is key. Follow up with them is important too, and not always to sell something. It's good to give away a freebee here and there or just a thank you.

Nick Grimshawe
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I have not done it yet. But write an article about different ways to build
a list. Be sure to put the hyper-links in the article with a sign up button
so you can get the email information of who is visiting your article. Also, a
free ebook on a good subject like list building. How about using It is free to join it.

stevesam or uwonnone

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It is indeed helpful to learn what others are doing that works. Thanks for sharing.

Fran Watson
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very informative and worth the time to read. It is indeed helpful to learn what others are doing that works.
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I love your coment thanks keep up!
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This was informational, learn something new everyday...Thanks.
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good info
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Thanks for the useful information now we need to put the ideas into action:)
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Thank you for your advices!
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Very useful info thanks for sharing this !
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Many thanks for the info :)

I hope someday I'll gather referrals faster..but patience is a virtue (or a bad thing hehe)!

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Thanks for the good advice. I enjoyed reading this post.

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Great stuff with some good ideas. Thanks all
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Beautiful! way to go, it's great to be able to learn from people around the world.

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Nice post, it is good advice that I plan to use!
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Nice post!

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Thanks for the great information
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great post
Gina aka mimagi