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11-04-09, 07:59 PM Thanks!

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Hi All

Yep you read right! BIGGER Prizes! The prizes will randomly get bigger the longer you've been surfing. In fact you can get up to 65 credits, or even 25 minutes of a 100% surfing bonus!

Of course it is all random but you should see some kind of difference ;-)

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Great news , Tim. Thanks! :-)
With kind regards,
Edwin (aka Holidayfreak)
11-05-09, 09:19 PM Thanks!

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Very cool. Thanks a bunch, Tim! When we think StartXchange can't get any better, you make it better. You're the man! :)
Vincent Parker
11-09-09, 02:19 PM Thanks!

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hi tim had to say everthying is looking great you got a great place here
were excited to surf here @ STX~! thanks
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Cool and great...
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What fun. Couldn't wait to see what I would get on the next prize page. Can you say "kid in a candy store"? :)
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I like it a lot. I surf an average of 1250 pages/day , and it's really nice to get that extra bonus for putting forth the effort. Thanks for implementing this, Tim... between the bigger bonuses and the 'gifts' pages, productivity is up and my sites are being seen a lot more (some days I've gotten nearly 1100 visits/URL). Awesome... truly awesome! Here's to hoping you keep these new features for a while!
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Thanks for the points.:D
:)God Bless

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That is good news. Thank you very much
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Saw a lot of great credit rewards already! 25 minutes at 100%? Sweet! Hope I can hit that today!

Thx Tim!
Steve (swhomebiz)
Make it a GREAT day!
Stephen Whittle (swhomebiz), Jacksonville FL USA
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WOW Tim,

Thanks for all you do for us!! WE All love it!

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Greate site Tim.
11-21-09, 07:14 PM Thanks!

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Sounds Great! Everyone get your coffee ready.......
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Just keeps getting better and better.

Steve Chesterfield
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08-17-11, 09:27 PM Thanks!

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Thanks Tim for increasing the bonuses. Can not wait to see if i get the 25 mins for 100% lol have a great day all.
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Michael Camire
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That little bit extra is part of what makes TimTech what it is.
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Bigger prizes to reward more active surfers = a good idea.
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Once again sett ing the bar higher for TE's.