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01-04-10, 11:03 AM

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Hi All

There is some mis-information out there, and outdated facts, so I wanted to clear up any of the noise with this explanation of the prizes while surfing. Here's how it works:

Every 50 pages you'll get a blue link in the top frame of the surfbar (in the orange area). You must click it to claim the prize.

On the 100th view the prize link will be to enter into the daily draw to win 1,000 credits. It will keep coming up till you enter the draw.

Once you hit 100 pages viewed the prizes will be allowed to get bigger. They are still random, so it's not guaranteed, but the maximum they are allowed to be increase every 100 pages viewed, and remain the highest after 1,000 pages viewed.

Just remember, it doesn't have to be complicated ;-) This is only for those who really want to know the details. All you need to know is to click the claim link every 50 pages viewed, and enjoy the bonuses!

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01-05-10, 06:28 AM

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This is a great feture mate, increased surf bonuses AND bonuses every 50 pages! loving it! Now must go, got some surfing to do..... :)
08-27-11, 09:45 PM

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Yup! Bonuses and Prizes are always a good thing! Thanks for all that you do Tim!
08-29-11, 09:15 AM

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Great and Thanks
08-29-11, 02:08 PM

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Awesome, thanks for all the bonuses and a great TE! : D
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09-03-11, 05:07 PM

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Thanks Tim, I love bonuses
09-05-11, 12:47 AM

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love to get bonus credits
09-07-11, 04:36 AM

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Great, Tim. Thanks
09-22-11, 09:29 PM

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Hi Tim
I thought I had a pretty good handle, however you have clarified a couple of issues that did puzzle me. Thank u
10-16-11, 11:51 PM

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I have won the 1,000 credits. Thanks for the bonus credits!!

10-22-11, 11:46 AM

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Bonuses are always good things! Thanks for the clarification.
10-30-11, 03:53 PM

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i have become to expect the bonuses at this point, and the badges, thanks for a great te
Paul Edward
11-17-11, 05:02 PM

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Thanks Tim for the great job you are doing with this exchange and TimTech in general.

Fran Watson
11-18-11, 06:44 PM

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I have won the 1000 credit bonus great
11-19-11, 02:19 AM

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Congrats Ervin. I've won in the past also.
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12-07-11, 06:10 AM

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Offering prizes to encourage surfing is always a winner but I think the first few times I surfed here I had no idea that the link even existed.
It helps to pay attention!
02-17-12, 12:27 AM

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I know what you mean Patrick and even after I noticed them I'd keep missing not as often.
Get rewarded for your team efforts!
02-18-12, 06:36 PM

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Love the fact that if you click the picture by accident, the link stays so you do not lose it.
02-27-12, 06:01 PM

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Bonus points are always a good thing.
02-28-12, 03:11 PM

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Love those "100% surf bonus" prizes. They make my day.