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Hey BJ, Here it is ... From the feedback I've been receiving,
this is the most anticipated video of the series so far:


This video will show you how to set up your very first
squeeze page in a matter of minutes so that you can
start building your own optin list.

If you're one of the people who knows the importance
of having a list, but felt you didn't have the 'techie'
skills to do it you MUST watch this video now:


Having a list is one of the biggest assets you can
ever have in your business.

This video will show you EXACTLY how to start.

Enjoy it!


P.S. I'll probably end up selling these videos in the
future - but as a loyal reader you get complete access
to them right now :-) Go watch it here:



Platinum Marketing Solutions LLC,
Federal Way, WA 98023, United States

Thought some of you might find the above message useful...
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Looks Good - thanks for the useful link! :)

Hope you're well!
02-14-10, 08:40 AM

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Outstanding videos for beginners common tasks for easy to set up splash pages.
that was well done on your part msbeejay .
God Bless and the blue ribbon go to you !
07-22-10, 01:44 PM

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Thanks a very useful tool
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Thanks for the link will be very useful.
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thanks very much very interesting
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This was very helpful to me thank you
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A squeeze page or capture page is a must have step in your business setup today. People don't buy on the first visit and you really can't blame them You need to provide value and trust to that prospect first and there is not better way than offering your prospects a free gift of value to them in exchange for the Name and Email. You can now communicate with your prospect more than once. Just make sure you give them some value and just don't sell to them all the time because if they don't want to hear from you they can unsubscribe anytime.
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Thanks for the new information to me, much appreciated!!
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Thank you for Information...
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nice job. thanks for sharing
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Great video. Thanks
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Great and Thanks
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Ty for the videos
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Thanks for the video. Educational and helpful tool that we can return to time and time again.
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Thanks for the information
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Happy Surfing to you!

take care
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Thank you for sharing that informative video.