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Following the changes to make the Forum more secure, a few members may be experiencing problems accessing the Forum and their PMs

The forum login is the same as your StartXchange login, however if your StartXchange login (eg you changed your password) has changed the 2 systems may be out of synch.

First, try logging in to the Forum using your StartXchange login details.

If that does not work, log in to StartXchange as normal
Click the following link to reset your Forum Account

You should now be able to log in to the forum (make sure if your browser is set to store passwords, that any stored passwords are cleared first)

Team DeHawkinz Team Leader

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I was experienceing login problems but it's all back to norm now! Thanks for the fix though!
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Hi Richard,

Thanks for your help with my pre-joining questions :)

You may also want to mention that the user-names get converted to lower-case. Very democratic for sure :) but it bit me on the rear-end (our logo style is AdPaid with capital A and P so that's what I tried to sign-up with (oops)

Tried the fix, but then got in by changing to "adpaid".

Marty, Join Team
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Well done dehawakinz! Some forums ask members to create special login details!
Have a great day STExchangees!
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How do I make a PM?

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hi how i can solve this problem??

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Hi I am new to this forum but would really like to be active. Can not figure out how to create a new thread. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. :)
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What I want to know is where is everyone on this forum. Most posts are years old. It seems its only u and me Chriss. Sorry cant answer your question though.
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Yes, it is now 2015,