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Hi All

The Banner Exchange is now 10:5 (2:1) for free, and 10:7/8 for upgraded. It used to be 10:7/8/9 but is being reduced to help speed up banner delivery. The inventory has been slowly increasing over time so that and the banners in the forum will help a bit. Once it's back down to a good level I'll increase the ratios again ;-)

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Thank you Tim for the up date.
I am always looking for updates on here.
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Just a thought but want to know what others think. Making banners so that you only have to copy and paste the whole body of the banner once, instead of copy and paste each link 2 times.
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It is useful to make our own banners and
splash pages: they are unique and so more
likely to catch surfers' eyes, I think.
I like it here!
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keep updating we need it
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just started making some of my own banners, not so difficult actually, will see if i am on the right track with more clicks.
Paul Edward
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Banners are somewhat effective, but I prefer list ads
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I have never really used banners too much in online advertising...for people who do so can you tell me if they are effective?
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Great job
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To Griff. Sometimes a banner has an image but the url leads to a rotator in case one has to put people under a referral (tiers,levels)

Sometimes a banner catches someones attention and they click on it and join.

It has nothing to do with pretty colors.

One day I saw a banner that said I love TEs and so will you

I clicked on it and it told me to join all of these traffic exchanges and then email my affiliate URLS back

So I guess a banner is the reason I'm on startxchange
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keep it up iI like what you are doing
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thanks for the update
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To answer Patrick's question. I'm not sure banners directly work, I do get a few click throughs and have had a couple of sign ups from them, but the way banners really work if they are personalize is to keep your name and image out their, branding you even when you run out of credits. It is just that much more exposure to you! I actually love banners.

Nick Grimshawe
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Personally I love banners. Just wish my could be shown more on SX. Seems like it takes forever to go through 10,000 displays and the click thru is so low one needs to have banners shown a lot.
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Sorry to bring back this thread but I was checking that banners page and I used one to see how they looked like but the image didn't appear..

Did I do something wrong or are they temporarly down or so?

I hope it is just me..some people could be using those banners and they are spending credits for nothing..

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Banners are a good idea but the click thru rates are very low
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keep updating we need it
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Thanks for the update
Melody Ellis
Avon Independent Sales Representative
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Thank you for the update!