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11-23-10, 08:19 AM

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Hey Guys and Gals

I'm changing StartXchange's slogan to "The Social Traffic Exchange". There are many things to come which will make it more social, but I figured updating the slogan will tell you guys the direction of StartXchange ;-)

The slogan "Delivering free traffic since 2001" still remains true, but it's kind of an out dated way of thinking. It's no longer about "free traffic" but building real relationships and business!

Thanks for your support!

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That's a good direction to head towards, especially true when it comes to differentiating startxchange from hundreds of other traffic exchanges.
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Good 1 Tim,

Call it as is.

The one reason I use StartXchange has always been the social side.

Now it's there in writing.

BooM BooM

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Good step forward Tim
SX was my 1st exchange (about 5 years ago)
Always loved the forum me.

Go for it, a priority for any owner is to lead members into other ways of advertising.
I bet most sign ups (any TX) are newbies to IM and need a helping hand

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i like the nnew slogan. A step a head from the rest...
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Great job Tim! I have thought of Start Xchange as a social site with the bonus of getting traffic too
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I think this slogan fits startxchange perfectly since this place is really social with some of the most helpful people who helps out each other.
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I am a newbie and I came to like StartXChange fast. Yes, it is truly a social TE.

I like it here!
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Good job, Tim! I came to StartXChange about 3 years ago or more and surf here every day. It was my first TE and still my favorite.
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Sounds like an excellent slogan! I like the new features.
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You guys are all awesome.Lets all work and share ideas together.I am open to learn and teach.
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I like it! 2 thumbs up!
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Good idea boss!!!!!!!!
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The site is just getting better!
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Good Idea! StartXchange is number one and always will be!
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That´s good! The site is getting better day by day.
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Hello I haven't been here before although I signed up. I will try to be in more often and use this program as it sounds good.
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I like the new slogan. I've only been a member for a couple of months and SX is a great TE. I'm a member of several TE's but I find that it's more fun to surf at SX, ILH, Swirl and ThumbVu because they're more friendly, you get to interact with the owners on a regular basis and I rarely have to contact support as most questions are answered right in the chat.

Keep up the great work!!

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Startxchange was already a Social Traffic Exchange so the slogan is just catching up.
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Cool slogan....