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How to Learn Blogging Software good or bad?

A lot of blogging software is specifically designed to be
simple to use, but even the least intimidating blogging
program can feel very overwhelming to somebody who
has not spent a lot of time learning the ins and outs of
different kinds of software. Particularly for newer
bloggers, learning how to use the interface of blogging
software is the most difficult part of blogging. If you are
somebody who feels comfortable expressing themselves
in another medium, it may prove to be well worth your
time and effort to learn blogging software, but that
doesn't mean that the task will be easy.

The main thing that will help you find success as you
learn how to use a new kind of blogging software is to
try and take things slowly. Many people get so excited
about learning to blog that they try to rush into the thick
of it and start exploring the most complicated features
of a program right away. This can lead to getting
confused and feeling frustrated, and all too many
potential bloggers burn out during this stage of the
process. If you take your time learning the basics of
your blog software program before you move on to
more advanced techniques, you will be more likely to
retain what you have learned, and to keep feeling
positive about your ability to understand the world of

Jay Dee
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Blogging helps a lot for your business.

You can keep the members updated on the latest happenings, and
get added traffic as well.

Edward L Wade

Total Traffic Annihilation is a plugin for WordPress that will
retrieve articles or RRS feeds that are related to keywords.
This helps you get content to your blog.
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Blogs are a great way to get extra traffic to your main site or affiliate links and with all the latest plug-ins, It is even easier to get the blog set up and optimized quickly. If your not bloggong your leaving a ton of sales for someone else.
Timothy Millar
"The Leprechaun of Traffic"
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I just hate blogs.
Most of them are based on terribly lousy software,
like blogspot and I never read them;
I block them so I don't see them. They are a total
waste of time and energy.
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Don' have a blog, yet. - Russell.
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Im not fluent in english grammar so im not
confident to blog.
Stay Healthy and Beauty and Earn if you want
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Blogging is most essential in my opinion, It helps you to modify your assumptions and beliefs for the better when you share it with others.
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I blog a little not much, but I use type pad, I have found it to be the easiest one out there so far. The past few days here, I have been updating it about the cash that I am making at top surfer. I myself was shocked that I had done 3 days of steady writing in it, normally, I do one day then a week later do another post, but my views are picking up since I have been posting daily. Do I make money from it? So far no, not at all.
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I think blogs can be interesting, but often they are just self-serving, like the majority of what happens on facebook. The whole "look how important I am that you need to see what I do every minute of the day" concept is purely irritating, to say the least. On the other hand there are a few blogs that actually contain useful content. A few...... I wish there were more.
I like these guys for referrals: and these guys are awesome: and my old fave: (because they pay me all the time!)
And these guys be awesome too!:
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the beauty of a blog is that you don't have to like it or read it if you don't want to. I don't think it's that big a deal.
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I haven't been into blogging. In fact, I've steered well clear of it. Recently, I've been thinking about it, if nothing else to keep in contact with my list.
Shane Croker
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Some great tips, thanks :)
I've currently got 4 blogs running, three are on Blogger and my newest on Wordpress.
I do wish I'd got the hang of the WP tools and plug ins before I got started!
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Do you Blog. no i dont blog i would like to learn how to. i need step by step on know how. if you would like to help thanks kunzfun17
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i do blog, I need to be
more consistent at my
Sheila Alexander
pe: alexa4860
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I love blogging especially for using it in niche marketing. My biggest problem: As I am still working off line, the continuity isn't granted and sometimes there are great breaks. :(

Seeing a blog more than a vehicle to communicate upon a theme you know well or you are interested in might give it a different aspect, but this way you'll brand yourself and transmit content.

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I absolutely love to blog. Blogging helps one get noticed. I just have to find out how these blogs can be read by people just doing searches. Can anyone help me on this.
Angela Walker

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This article is about blogging and why you should never blog on a free host like or I am writing this to alert people out there who are building blogs on free blog hosts like and

Installing wordpress is free and gives you full control over your blog. There are other platforms like moveable type to choose from as well. Take a look around and find the platform you like or that best fits your blogging style. I've learned an expensive lesson and now will only build blogs on my own domain names.

The reason?

Lets start with

They have a new out of control spam bot. Search the blogger help forums and you will find the horror stories. Legitimate blogs are being deleted, people are getting locked out of their blog until reviewed, and assumed to be a spammer because either the bot flagged the blog or someone clicked the little flag button at the top of all blogger blogs.

That and the fact that they have constant problems with the publishing getting stuck at 0%, slow load times, etc. it makes blogging through a buggy experience at best and your content or reason for blogging is up to someone else's interpretation of what is or is not legitimate.

I understand getting rid of splogs and spammers, but in's case the cure is worse than the disease. They were not always that way. I've been on blogger a long time and the service used to be good.

As far as, they are just as bad. If the blog links to a website and looks as if it might be promoting people to go to that website they will suspend your account without warning and lock you out of all the content.

I'm not sure what they think blogs are for, but they seem to think they have a noble purpose in life and that they alone decide what is a "genuine blog" or not.

A "genuine blog" is one that is controlled by the individual who writes to it, not one that must adhere to someone else's idea of what their blog should look like and what it should say.

If you blog on freehosts just be aware your content and your blog is in the hands of others who will decide for the world whether or not your blog should be seen by others.

I recommend all bloggers get their own domain names and install their own blogs. You probably have learned that using a freehost for your company's website is bad for business so why put your company's blog on a freehost?

The same goes for individuals. Blogs allow you to express yourself the way you want to express yourself. That is the beauty of blogging. Are you willing to sacrifice your individuality to conform to what or thinks is a "genuine" way to express yourself?

Many times the person deciding your fate is someone who has never had any authority over other people and who think that now they have Godlike powers to decide the fate of content written by others. These are people who likely produce no content of value themselves and think they know what is best for the rest of the world.

Get your own domain name and install a blogging platform that fits your needs. It's the best advice you will ever get about blogging. You only own the blog if it is on your own domain name. Everything else is just providing content for someone else.

This information is brought to you by Blogging Tips, if you are interested in our SEO Services which are very affordable you can visit out website.
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Excellent post rakesh
It explains a lot

So serious internet beginners need to invest a little to get a return
Anything free though is where many people start
(I know, I did it too)

Happy blogging all

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thanks Rakesh. When I am ready for that avenue, I will certainly be in contact with you
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I love Wordpress, you just gotta get in there and do it.. that's the best way to learn - for me anyway :-)
Darren Olander