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Hey All

With StartXchange's updated chat system, you can now report others who are abusing the chat. But before you do that, it's a good idea to know what you can or cannot use the chat for. In the end it's up to our decision to take action on any reports, and how severe (and no we don't discuss the actions taken).

- Encourage Each Other
- Get to Know Each Other
- Help Each Other with StartXchange
- Report Spammers (double click their photo)

- Promote other sites in chat
- Ask if you can PM people links
- Try to get people to surf other exchanges
- Use the chat to announce updates about your own things

The big core is that the chat is for having fun and building relationships. Some people frown and say that doesn't work. That's OK, you don't have to use the chat - click "Chat Off" on the surfbar.

But for those who want to use the chat it's not a place for you to promote. That is what the exchange is for, put your site in rotation. When people chat with you in chat, they recognize you when your site is up and pay more attention ;-)

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01-09-11, 12:12 PM

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Hello Tim,

thanks for these instructions - I took part of the 'lurkers' for quite a while and I wasn't really attracted by participating as I read a lot of 'donts' or had the impression to disturb a group of people already well known under each other and talking about there personal experiences... On the other hand it is difficult to maintain a place where everybody can tell It was interesting the day, when you started the daily challenge with 15 chat posts the chat was full of live :) So let's see what the upcoming days will bring.

Greetings from Italy

Rieke aka Solare

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Hey Tim and thanks for this.
I know that we have all come close to the line before, especially asking surfers that you know to (PM me your link please, etc;). I think what drives most of of crazy is an obvious new member that is blatantly promoting in chat and you never see their site in rotation. They just click to keep chat going for them. The long time surfers in SX, especially the paying members, usually tell them about TOS and now we can burn their behinds when they continue promoting. A warning up front is in order and usually works.
Thanks for this feature for the hard core chat promoters.
Sam Burgess
Mabank, TX
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Great information! Thanks Tim!
Make it a GREAT day!
Stephen Whittle (swhomebiz), Jacksonville FL USA
Twitter AND Skype: swhomebiz
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And never forget - sometimes we are lurking :)
Team DeHawkinz Team Leader

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Thank you for the features Tim, I only hope that you will develop it more times than earlier.
I am "living" in this chatroom from the beginning but now there is another need - if chatting changed quicker (cause of getting act.points and other awards for using this)- that would be good to see a longer list on the "jQuery" page who sent a message in the last 10,20, or even 30 Mins which were compilable up to the possibly maximum time.
Why ? Earlier Members were lurking much more, so we didn't know who to catch there. Now we could see a lot of Members being active there but the chatting-field is changing in seconds, so the chance to know, and write to a never seen Member is in the near of Zero.

thank for your attantion

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Oh ferstbook
Don't know where you live
As SX is worldwide, you have to take into account who is surfing when!
Must say my chat last 3 days has been brilliant
Mornings on GMT time

Never seen you in chat room but as it nears 11pm will give it a swirl to see who's there
Just let me put out the dustbins and find some food!
Oh and feed the cats, catch up with email etc
Then off to chat!


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You not chatting Ferci!

Gave it a fling for 1 hour
Its working fine, made a few more friends too

Your problem is home made or computer issue
If the latter, submit a support ticket
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awesome advice from the top pros thx guys and gals
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Hey Tim
You should post the dos and donts more often.
Lately there has been quite a few of donts on chat.
I view the chat while surfing but dont participate very often.
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Hi Leuara
The do's and dont's
Are posted in the 1st thread by Tim. And we are still on page 1
Happy chatting

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Thanks so much for posting the dos and donts. Should make it clear for everyone and if they don't understand can be sent to the forum to read this post.
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Thanks for all the tools and point you share. The do's and don'ts... I know we all get close to the line at times - some cross it as they talk with friends but in a conversational manner - the problem as I see it is like another said above though - some are blatant spamming chat.

Anyway - keep up the good work - SX is more than a TE
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Thanks for spelling out the chat do's and don'ts. It's about time this link got bumped back to the top of the queue in the forum. We can all use a refresher every now and then, particularly when there are always new people joining.
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Cool! I didn't even know there's a post on Chat Do's and Don'ts. I'm glad I saw it this time!


Yey! I believe this is post #5 for today! ^_^
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cool post Tim :)
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Good to know this is documented.

hehe If I was counting right I just finished the challenge.
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Sweet to hear that Tim, should stop the spammers now =)
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got it
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I use to be afraid (for lack of a better word!) of chatting in TE's. I didn't even give them a chance. I was always afraid I would be swamped with invitations to "join the BEST opportunity on the web". Being new I was sure I was suppose to pitch my programs also...something I was completely uncomfortable doing. But a great surprise to learn that isn't what the chatting is about! It's been great getting to know other people using the exchanges and counting them as friends!