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01-24-11, 12:03 PM

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What are activity points?

Activity points are used to determine your rankings in the system.
You collect activity points for surfing, purchasing, reading newsletters, participating in the forum, linking to StartXchange and for other activities here, plus for promoting using the splash pages provided for that purpose.

You can see your current activity points, and rank by visiting the Position page:

Activity points are calculated on a rolling 14 day basis, so every day you lose one days points (day 15), and start a new days collecting of points (day 1). This keeps the activity levels based on recent activity, so new members can join and start competing with older members. If you want to know how you earned those activity points, you can view your points broken down by day by going to the View my points page:

The more activity points you have, the higher your activity Ranking, and the higher your surf ratio.

It may seem frustrating at first, but it only makes sense. If you are #1 and surfing 100 pages a day for a year, but one day someone else starts surfing 150 pages a day, then eventually they should be ranking higher than you, right?

You may also notice that on some days surfing more, you actually go down in rank! The rankings are based on surfing across the board of all members, so if activity increases from all members, then it's possible that some members passed you in rankings. The opposite is also possible, you could surf less and gain in ranking!

So to move up levels you need to be earning more points regularly than the members above you between you and your target level. Using the GOAL setting will help give a rough guide to the number of pages you are likely to need to surf daily to achieve that level. You can adjust your target Goal Level from the members Account Page under Account Info near the bottom.

What Do You Do With Activity Points?

Activity points help improve your Activity Ranking, and hence your Activity Level.

As you move up the Activity Levels you get a bonus on your surf Ratio...
Level 10 - +1%
Level 9 - +2%
Level 8 - +3%
Level 7 - +4%
Level 6 - +5%
Level 5 - +6%
Level 4 - +7%
Level 3 - +8%
Level 2 - +9%
Level 1 - +10%

Team DeHawkinz Team Leader

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thank you, finally i understood what activity points are therfore
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Thank you DeHawkinz

Wish I had found this thread a lot earlier :)

Shame on me for not looking though :/
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Thank you,
Now, i know what are activity points.

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I appreciated reading this and understanding the activity points
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You got thanks here!

Happy surfing
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Now they make sense to me as well thanks for asking the question.

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Thanks for the information
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Ok now I understand what the whole point system is all about.

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activity points are good for increasing your rank and getting more credits kunzfun17
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Now that we got that cleared up...
Can you tell me how to make my fortune online? lol
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Thanks a lot for the explanation.

Pity I did not discover what they were for earlier though. Hey, better late than never I say


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I had no idea. Thank you for explaining this.
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really nice and good explanation, i was already curious how this activity system is calculated and working:) Well now i know
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Thanks! I am new here and I understood you explanation :)
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[coloThank you for clarifying the point system for us.
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Thanks for the information
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Thanks for that information. That was helpful!

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Thanks for the information!/profile.php?id=100001280557606
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Now we know what act.points are. Thx.Richard