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What is your opinion about changing the timer to 15 seconds? Personally I don't like it. 10 seconds is plenty of time to view sites in my opinion.
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No 10 sec timer is good
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I like the 10 second timer better. US only
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Can we split the difference and make it 12 seconds????
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i like 10 better myself
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I also think 10 seconds is plenty of time to decide if you like what you see and want to find out more information. If you are tab surfing and you get back around to the exchange with the 15 second timer and the timer hasn't run out yet your site might get a second chance!
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Listen I prefer to 10 second timer as well. What I didn't like was all the whinning that went on because of it. It would not have stopped me from continuing on but I heard a lot of crying and threats about leaving.. Totally unecessary if you ask me as it's up to admin and it will be what it is.
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10 sec
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I like the 10 second timer better....but could live with 15 seconds as well.
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As a surfer, I don't care one way or the other. If the site is interesting, I will stick around longer.

A longer timer "forcing" people to stick to a sit longer may allow for higher content pages instead of just quick-loading splash/low-content pages. This might actually increase conversions & be a good thing. As an advertiser, this appeals to me.

So, I see both sides of the 15-second timer issue. I think 15 is much better than 30.
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I say YES, you say NO

15 sec is ok for me beause I do surf quite slowly due to other tasks going on
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I think that if the internet is congested, the 15 seconds would be better, even though I have a 10 seconds timer for my free users as well.

At the moment, I have keep up with the competition. I constantly build new elements (like the chat) to increase the time spent on one page, but that's entirely voluntary.

The future will show where the Traffic Exchanges go...

10 seconds , 15 seconds ... at the end of the day what counts, is how much results you got for you clicks ... An opinion without statistical data to proof it is a dangerous thing... and because of that.... I'm gonna shut up now ;)

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I prefer the 10 second timer
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Good point aleiprecht ~ but my ISP not as fast as claimed, expensive and often often bunks out for hours without warning!

Any suggestions please (only 1 ISP provider here or none) so cannot change that
Prefer 10 secs

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10 sec is better
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I prefer the 10 second timer
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10sec is fine - espesially if it is advised to use splashpages in TEs
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I hope Tim puts back the 15 second timer I got a lot more done that day. If you chat while you surf you know it usually takes longer than 10 seconds to post anyway For all you whining about the timer tells me you only surf for credits & don't even pay attention to the pages anyway

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the 15 sec timer was ok, but I like te with 10 sec timers better, they seem to fit my sense of timing

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