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Getting out of that comfort zone again!
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It won't hurt too much :)

Might even be beneficial...

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I've been doing a bit more tweeting a lately and getting my CTP tracker out there too.

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Kevin the Wednesdayite

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Same here, I've been tweeting more but for the time being I'm stuck on 99 followers. Kind of funny about that too since for the week before I was getting one or two a day, then all of a sudden, nothing at all. I will keep at it though. If my 100th twitter follower is a SurfSkeleton member they will get a surprise!
William A. Miller II
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Looks like you did it William, congrats!
Darren Olander
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Not a tweeter.
See no use in it.
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I only found twitter to be useful when I had set up my account to follow back and direct message people who followed me.
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I have been using twitter but not to the extent that I need to.

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I need to use Twitter more often
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I am currently trying to complete my CTP mastery on Twitter. I have promised anyone that follows me ,I will follow back. @SteveCTP

I have recently been informed of a good site, if you are looking for followers, it's called "TWELLO", just google it.

Happy Tweeting
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Tweeting is another way to promote your affiliate urls, just dont spam your followers to much with your links.
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I'm not good at Social sites but I'm trying. I only have 34 follows now & I need to update my profile. Need to learn a lot. Learn something new every day or your not living.
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The whole tweet thing is still new to me. Hoping to figure it out and get the Mastery done.
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I tweet websites on Sweeva, but not much else. I don't think anybody actually reads my tweets anyway.
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Working on my Twitter Mastery. Still need about 15 more people to follow me before I can get to the next step.
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Finally completed step 2 - now working on getting 1000 tweets
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I just finished my Twitter mastery and now working on other stuff.
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I am glad to see I am not the only one new to the whole tweeting thing. I am currently working in my Mastery as well and can do with more followers. I always follow someone back so fell to follow me @LubbeOnline

Good Luck with the Tweeting all!!
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I would like to know more about tweeting.
John Harrell