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Whatís the perfect size? I am not sure. But I am going to be testing that today, and hopefully tomorrow I will have some awesome data to report back to you. For now letís do a guessing game.. What do you think is the average size of the window the ad is viewed in (in the graphic, the yellow area)?The perfect size is the size of the available space in the browser window. Taking both height and width into consideration would ruin the aspect ratio, so I make my pages to only adjust according to the width. This means, of course, that fonts and image sizes will follow the window. In my opinion, all pages should be made like this, or rather browsers should be able to adapt to the current window size. This could be done quite easily. One way is to redefine the pixel to always be for instance 1/1024 of the window width (NOT the screen width, which is not dynamic). Then questions like this wouldn't be an issue.
Remember, HTML was created when the largest screens were 640x480 pixels! :) Nobody thought that the normal size would be 1600x1200 or larger!
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Knowldge fueled by emotion equals action. Action is the ingredient that ensures results. Only action can cause reaction. Further, only positive action can cause positive reaction.


The whole world loves to watch those who make things happen, and it rewards them for causing waves of productive enterprises.

I stress this because today I see many people who are really sold on affirmations. And yet there is a famous saying that "Faith without action serves no useful purpose."

How true!

I have nothing against affirmations as a tool to create action. Repeated to reinforce a disciplined plan, affirmations can help create wonderful results.

But there is also a very thin line between faith and folly. You see - affirmations without action can be the beginnings of self-delusion. And for your well-being there is little worse than self-delusion.

The man who dreams of wealth and yet walks daily toward certain financial disaster and the woman who wishes for happiness and yet thinks thoughts that lead her toward certain despair are both victims of the false hope which affirmations without action can manufacture.

Why? Because words soothe and, like a narcotic, they lull us into a state of complacency. Remember this: TO MAKE PROGRESS, YOU MUST ACTUALLY GET STARTED!

The key is to take a step today. Whatever the project, start TODAY.
  1. Start clearing out a drawer of your newly organized desk ... today.
  2. Start setting your first goal ... today.
  3. Start listening to motivational cassettes ... today.
  4. Start a sensible weight-reduction plan ... today.
  5. Start calling on one tough customer a day ... today.
  6. Start putting money in your new "investment for fortune" account ... today.
  7. Write a long-overdue letter ... today.
ANYONE CAN! Even an uninspired percan start reading inspiring books.

Get some momentum going on your new commitment for the good life. See how many activities you can pile on your new commitment to the better life.

Go all out! Break away from the downward pull of gravity. Start your thrusters going. Prove to yourself that the waiting is over and the hoping is past --- that faith and action have now taken charge.

It's a new day, a new beginning for your new life. With discipline, you will be amazed at how much progress you'll be able to make.

What have you got to lose except the guilt and fear of the past?

Now, I offer you this challenge: See how many things you can start and continue in this -- the first day of your new beginning.

To Your Success,
Jim Rohn
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Wanted to let everyone know that I am back again...

Will be sharing some old and new content that should prove useful for
anyone interested in taking advantage of any postings found here...

God Bless and keep on surfing!

BJ Minnich aka MsBJ
Des Moines WA

Spoke too soon...Changed my mind again!
See around cyberspace!
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by Larry Dotson


Don't load your web site with too much high-tech clutter. Your visitors may miss your sales message. Sometimes flashing and blinking graphics can make your page load slow and annoy your prospects.

Also, test to make sure your web site looks good in all web browsers. Don't use fifty different content formats like fonts, text sizes, text colors, etc. They could vary between browsers.


Don't use unnecessary words or phrases on your site. You only have so much time to get your visitors attention and interes; make every word count. Don't use words your visitors might not understand.

Highlight your main selling words and phrases. You could use different colors, bolding, italics, etc. Use words that create emotion. People will have more interest when they are emotionally attached.


Don't make the mistake that everyone will totally understand your web site message. Your web site should contain a short, descriptive summary at the top of your home page.

You should always repeat your main selling points at least three times, so people understand them. Use short words, sentences, pargraphs and plenty of examples to get your point across.

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Hi fellow SX'rs...I have a question for you! Could someone please explain WHY a box has to pop-up while surfing asking if I want to leave the page after the timer has counted down to -0-? It is very puzzling to me WHY anybody would use such a delaying tactic particularly when everybody expects their surf session to be smooth and trouble-free?!

Further, if one stops to think about it...It is in violation of the surfing rules since it effectively prevents the surfer from moving onto the next page until said box is closed which can throw off their surfing rhythm...

Another thing that I am wondering about is why members are not more careful when submitting their web pages into rotation? The reason being is there are times that pages come up denying access or the pages are no longer available which is a total waste of everybody's time and credits!

One last thing, am I missing something about this forum? At least on the old forum new postings were at the beginning of a thread rather than at the end like here!?...

That concludes my rantings for now...

God Bless and take care,
BJ Minnich aka MsBJ
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Hi MsBeeJay and welcome back, we all missed you :)
Have to agree about exit popups too, they are a pain

But in times gone by they were promoted (well, blogged about too!) as being a successful ploy to get even more sign ups
Guess we will have to live with it until TX's change their rules to NO popups!
Some send me into ever crazy circles descending into uttering naughty words ROFL

Happy Advertising


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You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.

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I checked out your website, please check mine out if this is the in thing to do
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