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Upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade ! And watch your actual profit begin to grow. If you invest in your business, your business will reward you with net profit -- that's enough profit to cover your ongoing investment. Once that happens, you can begin to take the additional profit as INCOME from your growing business.

Tim L. wrote about it here today:

Tame Bear wrote about it here:
- Tame Bear

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Thank you for the post Tame Bear. I couldn't agree more with you and Tim. What you put in is what you get out at the end of the day.

Upgrading is good for your business but if you are new to this all and working on a small budget then pick your upgrades carefully. I upgrade in the programs where I get the best results, programs with a good track record and programs where I can feel that I can trust the owners.

If you can afford it then Life time offers are good to go for as well because it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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My reply eyeballs is that I have upgraded to several T.E.'s lately.
I need to get busy AND surf to get my money's worth-LOL Saving me in long run,
since I am continuing to do online business.


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thanks Tame Bear,

I am glad I read your post because 1. I got to reread what Tim had to say, and I discovered your blog which is awesome.

I do agree on upgrades and I upgrade when ever I can. I set a budget and stick to it for the most part, but I pay serious attention to lifetime upgrades, the money out at first is steeper, but you never have to pay it again. It's really great for the budgeting process because I don't have to carry forward the monthly upgrades which reduce what I have to spend for extra credits.

Nick Grimshawe
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you do need to upgrade
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Hey Tame, nice to see you around here man.

I'm considering to upgrade but I'll wait for a bigger promotion as right now money is way too tight.

Tanks for the resources and recommendations though!

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It's true that in many programs you will make more money if you are upgraded, but I think you have to choose your upgrades carefully.

It's very important to keep a business head and control your budget.
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tis so true about upgrading , i hear alot of people who say they cant find money for upgrading n stuff like this but can afford other stuff thats not gonna make em anything at all , from small steps big achievements can come , you just gotta get in there n give it all you got .
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it is soooooo worth upgrading even if it is just one site at a time as your budget allows but definatley see the difference once you upgrade upgrade upgrade
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Upgradind is a good thing to do,but when you start from 0 is really hard.Now I can afford to upgrade( I did it in Ctp) and I think I will continue.Good luck to all with upgrading!
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So...I THINK what you are saying is....upgrade? *giggles*
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I read here wise advice about upgrading. Thank you all, it is very true.
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Upgrading gets a big thumbs up from me too!
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Upgrade in SXC or other TEs?
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I agree
Gina aka mimagi
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I love the Lifetime Upgrades the best also.
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Hi there!

I do believe upgrading gets you in true business. If you do not spend money, you just pass by like holidays, without doing nothing or very few surfing. When you spend your money is when you are willing to defend it. Of course, Life Time upgrade is the best to keep your budget well set.

Dualberto Brito

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YOu get from the world what you give to it
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Nothing in this world is free! I 100% beleiven that what you put in you get back! Invest in your future!
Wayne"The Jinn"
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Totally agree Tame, but choose upgrades wisely, Evergreen sites a must
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