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07-24-12, 03:52 PM

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Do I really have time for this?

You might be wondering why you, as an entrepreneur, need any tips or techniques from the self-development field? You don’t have enough time as it is to complete all the projects on your plate, you're behind on updating your website, you’re desperately battling in a competitive field, just to get yourself heard and seen, and you’ve just had someone criticize your SEO abilities and your virtual assistant just quit.

And you’re asking, “Do I really have time for this?”
The 1 % Possibility

All I am asking of you, is to be open to the 1% possibility that if even one or two of the short and simple techniques I be talking about here, helps you improve your productivity and optimize your time, then it would have been time well spent.

My name is Nicholas Grimshawe. I've been writing and talking and posting about personal growth and development for several years.

I live in god’s country in the Fraser Valley of beautiful British Columbia, in Mission a small town about 100 kilometers away from Vancouver, Canada.

I share my home with Felix, my short haired German Pointer.

I’ve been sitting at a typewriter since I can remember. I have over 15 years of business coaching. For the last seven y ears I’ve been writing this self-development blog and a newsletter by the same name.

The techniques I am about to share with you can be deceptively simple. Please don’t dismiss them because they seem too simplistic, some of the most powerful tools in any arsenal are the simple ones.

Most of the techniques I will offer here will be short simple exercises you can do in a few minutes but will deliver over time, amazing transformation.

Some of the categories will include:

Morning exercises: Done before you start your day. In a sense using these will help you create your day as you would like to see it unfold.

Daily Turbo Chargers: Techniques to do with how you work track and pace your day.

Evening Debriefing: Focusing on the positive progress you made during the day and reinforcing a positive state of mind.

Now all that might seem like a lot but you will see that most of these exercises take only a few minutes of your time.

Getting Started: You don’t have to do this now…but soon.

Writing Your Idea Scene

One of the most basic principles of self-development is getting clear on what you really want…your why. While you don’t have to do this to use the 101 techniques I will be offering , but it is a good exercise to do as soon as you can if you want to stay on course. This exercise does take time. You need to take yourself off somewhere with a note pad, a coffee shop or a park bench are perfect for this, and write out as fully as you can what your perfect day would look like from the time you wake until you go to bed again. Use all your five senses to write this evoking color and sound, touch, taste and smell.

Even if you don't do this now, it's something to be thinking about seriously. It's the basis for everything you do in business and in life.

Stay tuned as I start adding exercises I've discover, or that I will find on this journey to bring to you, to help transform your life.

Nick Grimshawe
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08-04-12, 01:49 PM

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Thank you Nick,

I am extremely busy and overwhelmed. Will these exercises help me to get all I need to done?

Gail McDonald
10-28-12, 06:24 PM

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I constantly remind myself every time I say, " I don't have enough time to do this or that ", That In Fact I do have more then enough time to do it, as time is only an illusion. You have the time Just Do It by making the time to get it done. Stop thinking about it and take action. Procrastination & Excuse making is the greater evil. How many times did you say "I don't have time to do this or that", And then when you got done what you needed to get done , you said, " Wow I actually did have time to get that other thing done but now it's to late. ????? Think about it.
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05-02-13, 08:27 AM

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great post
Gina aka mimagi
07-05-13, 01:18 AM

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good work sir thank you .
07-18-13, 01:12 AM

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great post Nick..
Robin Langelier
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09-11-13, 11:20 AM

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thanx nick! have you been spying on me via web cam or something? Oh, right I don't have a web cam. I barely felt I had time to read through your post! I should be surfing and posting ads and learning ad creator and rocketresponder!
11-23-13, 08:47 AM

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Thanks for the info.

07-08-14, 05:07 AM

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Hi Nick!

Thank you for your good disposition to makes us daily move ourselves!

Dualberto Brito

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08-15-14, 09:05 AM

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Thank you
09-10-14, 02:16 PM

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Food for thought and some great points, thanks Nick!
Wayne"The Jinn"
02-25-15, 05:51 AM

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05-03-15, 10:31 AM

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Thanks Nick, will definitely use! I look forward to more posts like this one!
12-03-15, 01:49 PM

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Thanks, Im always looking for great ideas.
Time management and organization continues to be an issue while surfing..... so many re-directions everyday. Right now Im trying to put together a list for my team of all the TE's that offer bonus rewards when surfed together. Example: Nerd surfing 10% (of course), then GPS, etc.... if anyone has such a list already composed please feel free to share it with me.

username: xcimm2
05-19-16, 06:36 PM

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Read your post and many thanks for motivating. Looking forward for your manual!
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