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03-14-08, 09:33 AM

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Welcome to the Introductions Board!

This is where you get to tell us a bit about yourself. To get started goto the main Introductions Board and click the icon. Yep, that's right you get to start a thread just for you!

After you've created a thread, you can then reply to other threads where other members have introduced themselves too! It's a great way to meet all the great members ;-)

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11-17-10, 08:39 PM

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Hello, my name is Georgia and I have been surfing on StartXchange for a few years. Really a great place for all your ads, and you get lots of traffic.
Hope everyone has a great day...
12-03-10, 04:18 PM

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Hello, my name is Madeline and I just recently start surfing on StartXchange.

I would like to invite you to my blogs and

12-19-10, 06:36 AM

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Hello I'm Marilou from Philippines. with 1 girl 4 yr. old kid.
Stay Healthy and Beauty and Earn if you want
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01-01-11, 11:03 AM

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Hello all fast Starters. Just comming back to StartXchange after a year away from surfing.

Let's make 2011 the best year yet!

01-01-11, 01:07 PM

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Whew, I found it. I'm not sure I've introduced myself. I'm Patsy. an adopted Texan. I've been surfing for over a decade, boy does that age me. Oh well, senior discounts are nice.
I'm active at APSense and IMFaceplate. APSense is a ball.
My goal for 2011 is to begin an online income and stabilize as well as increase. Ultimate goal is to cover expenses of upgrades and make a profit.
01-01-11, 01:23 PM

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Helo i'am john from Philippines.
01-01-11, 02:13 PM

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Hello Everyone,
My name is Sheila Alexander
I am from Kansas.
Sheila Alexander
pe: alexa4860
01-01-11, 03:58 PM

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Happy New Year! One of my resolutions was to become more involved with my internet biz.
01-01-11, 04:32 PM

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Hello Everyone,
My name is Robert Brown (reb148)
I am from Kansas but moved to Indiana in 1972 and have been here ever since.I also am the owner of Seagull Traffic which many of you have joined and I thank you for that. It seems i have been on SX for ever but has been very nice most of the time and the members here are all so very nice and easy to get along with.
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Robert Brown
Owner Seagull Traffic

Tired of living Alone?


01-01-11, 05:25 PM

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Hi friends I am Barbara DelGiudice. Nice to meet all of you. :)

You can call me Barb.

I need to figure out how to get my picture up here.

Happy New Year!

To your success.

Barb :)
01-01-11, 08:52 PM

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Hi Start Exchange surfers! I am Douglas Smith and its nice to meet all of you. I have been surfing for nearly four years, but took the last year off for other endeavors. I am back this year, and Start Exchange is definitely one of my favorite exchanges!

Have a Happy New Year, and much success in 2011!

Doug B)
01-02-11, 01:01 AM

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Hello all and my name is Erma I have been here at Startxchange for a year or two. Nice to meet everyone here
01-03-11, 02:33 AM

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Hi folks, I'm one of 1700+ Powerpath GDI members. I'm from Queensland in Australia, just north of where the floods are at this time. Good luck to all in 2011.
01-09-11, 01:17 AM

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Hello from North Carolina! I'm an avid surfer and it is the easiest way to brand and promote your business to everyone who likes looking for a business to do or promote their own!

Terence aka biznezz4u
Terence Q. Burns
About.Me: http://about me/TerenceQBurns
USA Only:
Global Opportunity:
01-17-11, 09:26 AM

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Hi I am Ayyanar. I have recently entered in this market and got nothing so far. Can anybody give me dos and donts.
01-18-11, 05:01 AM

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Hi everyone JimmySuccess here,

I'm here to make money - Will you follow me
to success?
01-19-11, 07:25 AM

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Hello all, greetings from me, Patrick, from Holland.
01-19-11, 09:19 PM

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Hello, my name is Robert and i want to grant a great 2011 to everybody!
01-19-11, 10:02 PM

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hi everyone my name is kuan seng, i am new to internet marketing.
this is my the third traffic exchange i have use.