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With so many social networks and social sites, sometimes people get overloaded and find it hard to catch-up, too mant enties to reply to, and too many people to know, but take it easy, not everyone needs a reply, some you like to share info of interest and never look at what others send them... they are too busy sending out and not recieving back, the're like a one way radio station that never listens to find out who's listening.... once-in-a-whle, listen to others, and then they may listen to you too.... don't-hog-the-mic so to say....
Plat by the rules, and don't try to change them.....
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i really enjoy reading ur posts! very interesting and enlightening!
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Totaly Agree with this one if you use social media use them as they where intend.....Social
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I really enjoyed reading this post, and agree to sharing listening to others instead of just sending as a one way radio station. Yesterday I spent 5 hours on sending emails, but most of the time I was reading emails and actually signing up for newsletters. If you send me information or blog site, I take time to read and in return is very educational.
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