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Chatting in forums and on skype help you to make better connection and build more trust that just sending out ads all the time, see people buy from friends more often... because the trust them to do the right thing and help you along te way too...
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i agree that building trust and friendships helps one with business. that is why i like and surf social networking TEs. CTP also is superb for this! making friends, building trust, surfing socially. and so much more! tis the best thing out there that i've seen in 12 yrs online.
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Plus there is a real nice tool: Excel... Keep track of EVERYTHING you to and do it daily...
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Good tips I can Use them
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I have been following CTP tips, and completing training for 3 months now. So far am loving it, and teaching me how to use each traffic exchange to the fullest along with chatting with other members.
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CTP has some of the best training I have seen in the industry.

What I like most about the training is that it is truly "down to earth," practical and realistic.

The training also encourages you to do things that are necessary to do in the Internet Marketing Industry, but that we often don't do for one reason or another.

I also like how we are taught to "break the mold" and be different.

Great Job TimTech Guys!!
John Brewer