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I follow the training in CTP and join obvious more and more TE´s but how to keep surfing them all?

- should I surf them all every day and then just a few sites per TE
- Should I surf every day just a few TE´s as much as I can and then in rotation per day another couple
- Should I surf a mix of both

Kind regards

Kind regards, Sraar
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since all the TE's have changed so much over the years its really
more active than ever , you have to do your ads, than watch for crazy
things showing up, badges, points, chatting...alot to do while surfing
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the best way is to nerd surf ,and if your browser allowed,to surfing in 9-10 sites in the same time.
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Set yourself a goal for each day, some sites reward for daily surfing and some do not, so alternate between those that do not.
Watch your ads and see which sites turn over quickly, and which site give you good return for your investment/time
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Nerd surf, use traffic browser, you can surf like 12 sites at once and that way your goal could be...add a few everyday(plus one) then your goal will go up without you realizing
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I nerd surf and also do the sites that have the sub game and the vaults. I set a surfing goal of 500 each day. I also surf sites that offer surf codes, that way I earn credits and a bit of cash each day.. That all adds up quickly, especially when your downline begins to grow. Happy surfing!!
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Thank you for all the guide and tips, i'm new here so i've got to learn a lot.
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Lots of great tips here. My only problem with surfing more than one site at a time is when a site asks what you saw in the previous site shown. Even if I am surfing three at once, I often forget what I saw just before it. LOL (mostly if if I have already been surfing a lot)
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I would track your results with and see which ads are performing the best. Then decide based on your numbers and go from there.