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Dispense with the 3 sec. timer.
It only serves to reduce StartX from a great Traffic Exchange
to little more than a hamster site with members going as fast as possible
on the hamster wheel, going nowhere in a big hurry, seeing nothing in the
way of viewing sites. An exercise in surfing like we need to get in shape for surfing.

5-10 sec. timer is much more profitable to accomplish what is intended
by a Traffic Exchange and much more enjoyable.

Thank you, Ralph Stone
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Although you are entitled to your opinion, I respectfully disagree.

I realize people are different and the way one person is is not necessarily the same as the next, but frankly, I know within one or two seconds whether a page is interesting or compelling enough to give it more than a quick glance or check it out further. Jon Olson has said much the same in TE Live many times.

If a TE has a three second timer and someone isn't getting results, it's not likely because of the timer, it's because the page being viewed isn't interesting or compelling enough to keep surfers' attention.
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Different timers just mean that one needs to make ones splash/squeeze page more spectacular, make it an attention grabber so that people will just want to find out more
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I know this is an old post but I'd like to add to this if possible. Another thing that helps keep TE's from getting monotonous is not seeing the exact same ad/website over and over every 3-4 pages. That is why I took a well known business that I belong to and created my own version, so it would at least be slightly different and not feel so common as the pre-made web links that are given. I also personally feel that the 3 sec. timer is a bit too fast. I agree the 5-10 sec. timer would enhance the productivity of a TE's purpose.As a surfer,customer, and advertiser it is my opinion that with all these newer "incentives", there's less focus by the surfer on the pages they are seeing and too much focus on how fast they can get to the reward. For someone like me it also makes it less attractive to spend so much time surfing to earn the credits, knowing that after months of displaying not 1 but 3 different websites (with great eye appeal, and catching content proven by other TE's with longer timers and advertising methods) not a single signup.
It actually makes me wonder why? Is it due to the short timer? Is startxchange even getting any newer members, or is it just the loyal oldies that's been here a few years and already belong to the well known income generating websites? I'm not saying the TE's owners aren't doing what they should do, but in all honesty without newer faces joining the online income community, there's really no point. As all that ends up happening is a recycling process. The same people all joining the same sites all trying to sign up the same people that are already there. Without new customers/referrals, there is no "going forward" it's just going in the circle of those that have already been here awhile.
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I believe it doesn't matter whether it's a 3 second time or more, most surfers are surfing multiple sites with multiple tabs open in the browser. Only way to get a surfer's attention is to be more appealing than the average page.