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10 a day is because that is all a person can take. That is the most boring site I have ever been on.
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I like Sweeva for marketing sites. The critique is very to the point and helpful. If you're building a new splash page or landing page and you want to get some serious feedback. Sweeva is the best I've found. The long timer really makes a difference.
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Ahh sweeva can be boring BUT once you get used to it. It's awesome just put it in the background and click it when you think about it. You will be suprised how you'll like it once you figure it out.If you have any questions feel free to ask and i'll let you know what I have figured out about it!!!
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Hi there!

I would say Sweeva is most stressing than boring, and that for its timing change. But, certainly it gives us enough time to look upon some ads, to make feedback to them, and leave our own impressions about the appropiateness of it to the person who is showing it.
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I agree I like Sweeva, but the timer on Sweeva is ridiculous, I wish they would make it more simple to use.
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What some other guys said. Sweeva is a very unique traffic exchange, different from others and hard to use at the beginning (although you can still find tutorials on the Sweeva itself). If you want to get some feedback and build your brand, that's just the best site for doing so. If you're planning to show standard affiliate pages then it's definitely not needed.

Of course, there's no need to surf a thousand pages everyday. Credits ratio is quite big (and gets better by ranking up), plus you don't assign credits to your ad but bid for it to be shown.
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I enjoy sweeva I wish we had more like it
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Sweeva is hard at first to understand but once you do it on a regular basis it gets easier
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Sweeva is a great TE because of the feedback you get on your ads.
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Sweeva is interesting.
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I like sweeva because I've learned from the comments people make there and it feels like a community because everyone makes comments on each other's pages.
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I'm not a fan of the 30-second timer on Sweeva but it is definitely the best place to get feedback on what you're promoting. 10 a day is very reasonable even with the long timer.
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I like sweeva although some timers are very long.
Its very good for advertising and see the feedback of other users!
Just surfing for the 500K takes you a lot of hours :)
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I just have to LOL when I see Sweeva for the bomb or key. My mom taught me that if you don't have anything good to say....sometimes it's best not to say anything at all :)