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Hello everyone!

Advertising about Bit Coins is starting to pop up all over the TEs.

What do you think about Bit Coins?

What do you know about Bit Coins?

Is this an Internet Marketing Industry "bubble" waiting to burst?

Will this be the next main stream Internet Marketing currency?

Personally, the jury is still out. I am taking a kind of "wait-and-see" approach.

What do YOU think?

Yours in curiosity,

John L. Brewer
John Brewer
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I'm not ready to jump in. China has blocked them and their value dropped 50%. What does that mean for us, well say you sold a program for $197 well now you only have $98 dollars. I'm not ready to give up that much of my income - need to wait until they are stable.
Michael Camire
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Hi John, I'm Karl, and I think they will be exclusive to a select few - The Rich! That's who pretty much came up with them, so they may be accepted or denied, but they are here. So I'm in, that's a risk I am willing to take, especially if getting them(right now) is free. Thanks for the discussion
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I guess it's a must now.