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So I'm figuring out that this is a social type gig, and you actually have to interact w/ people. Especially if I want to benefit from all this. I am new, but I have a lot of experience in graphic and web design. I have a little ole website if you ever care to visit.
I'm always willing to take criticism, even from a jerk. So lay it on, I wont ever improve unless you all hate my work. :D

Anyway, contact me anytime. Thanks.

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Hi Joshua

welcome to the world of StartXchange :)
Team DeHawkinz Team Leader

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Hello from a fellow human. I'm Eddie Phillips and am a recent member too.

What brought you to StartXchange and where are you from?

Please visit: and come join our team at
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Hello friend is really great to be here with you guys.
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hi ev1. Hope you all like surfing SX as much as I do. I've met lots of new friends here.