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"The common conception is that motivation leads to action, but the reverse is true - action precedes motivation. You have to 'prime the pump' and get the juices flowing, which motivates you to work on your goals. Getting momentum going is the most difficult part of the job, and often taking the first enough to prompt you to make the best of your day."
-Robert J. McKain
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Great post thanks for the value!
Jim and Kristi Hall
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That's really true i never thought of it that way. It's got me thinking thanks.
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Really interesting..thanks.
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I love that quote. Reminds me of a great talk that Ziglar did about priming the pump. I've listened to it several times over and it never gets old.
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I couldn't agree more! I may be inspired by something I read or hear, but if I don't act on that inspiration immediately, I never get motivated!
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I agree with ktrae910: you can be inspired by something you read or hear. If you need to be successful, you need both: motivation and action. Don't try to find out what happen first because it looks like an egg and a chicken. :-)

Let do both!
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Thanks for all suggestions!!
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I like that "priming the pump" I think TimTech does that to us all the time.
Works well. We should all do that.
Have a great day,
Evelyn Kramer
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ALways have a plan , always set a budget and make sure your motivation is within your means
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Don`t expect someone to believe in your dream.The dream is yours!If you want it to make it happen you got to see it before it actually happen.You can`t do anything without your imagination,without your passion.
Time for wishing is past.Time for DOING,that`s the time right now!
N.O.W.=no opportunities wasted!
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hmmm that's interesting !!!
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Thanks again another valuable post and of course once again I agree :D