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Can someone tell me how to put a signature on my posts?
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1. Click the My Account link (near the top of the page)
2. Click Edit Profile.
You'll see a box that says Signature. You can put your signature there.
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Now that was a useful answer, as I was looking to do the same

Thanks freehits
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@freehits already answered the question. But adding one imp thing here - if you want to add link to your signature, you have to use BBCode and you can search how to use BBCode. It's simple anyway :-)

I know that I am replying to an old thread. But doing it only because to help new members.
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Can we put a banner in our signature?
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This is not the "official" answer but the answer is no - you may include text links only
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You can go to "Edit Profile" and include your sig at the bottom. You can use BBCodes!
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Great Info. I'm just starting to use the forum