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enrico Jenko
co-founder TEAM Alliance

You are like everyone else. You are NO different. You want to stay at home and make more money than you would working. Who doesn't? Wishful thinking and wild imagination for most. You tried it before. Your little side business. I know the feeling. Exactly the reason I wrote this up real quick so you can make you first dollar online if you have not before.I don't think you have. You don't look like you have.

But Let's dig right in
Step 1: Join a revenue sharing traffic exchange. If you do not know what that is then go here and learn about it. If you have seen the ads for sites like this and have wondered to yourself did those programs work.I assure you that many of them do, and very well I might add. I co-founded a team of hungry advertisers alongside my brother Mark Fuller. We are everyday deeply thankful for having the wherewith-all to have joined these programs. Our pockets, and families have benefited greatly.
Here is an entire plan for you to look at: The Team Alliance Blueprint to Online Income.

Step 2: Fund your Account
I guess this needs no explanation but then again maybe it does, I do not know you may be the type to ask the question why do I need to spend any money to make money? But Do Not do this. Don't be cheap with yourself. You have money for what you want to have it for. Number 1 reason your business is not where it can be is because you refuse to reinvest in it properly.

You refuse to invest in it properly because you are afraid you wont make any money. You wont make any money because you refuse to invest in your business properly. See the loop. We will talk more about that vicious cycle soon.

Your online business is fed from traffic. Just as your corner store is fed from foot traffic.You must have it, a lot of it. Get as many advertising credits and credit packs as you can. I do not care if you start wit $5 bucks. Just start . I will teach you how to grow that to a substantial figure.

Step 3:Do Not Worry
I know you do not have any real skills yet. Sure maybe you can put up a few ads, toss around some html, write a few emails. But you haven't attained the skill that puts money in your kids mouths. That is all fine because you are going to learn. Luckily this is like on the job learning. You will be earning money also. Now this aint spending money. Not yet anyway. Remember we are building a business.

Revenue sharing just makes our jobs as entrepreneurs easier. You need traffic...period. What the real guru's and Super Salesman know how to do is take all the traffic they buy and turn it into product sales. That's how they make so much money and why you watch them all the time. You need to learn how to do what they can do.

Revenue Sharing is going to provide you with the much needed traffic to start. Revenue sharing will also allow you to make money when the company makes a sale. Wow look at that you are doing the EXACT same thing the gurus are doing. Buying traffic and making income.

Does that Qualify YOU as a Guru? Well find out...Go to this link right here: Team Alliance Blueprint for Daily Income