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Hi startxChange admins, members and others,

I'm writing you because I wanted to introduce myself as a new user. I Christophe Leroy aka cleroy61. Im' living in Normandy, France. I am 43 year old. I'm unemployed in my country.
When I have paid my rent, my electricty, my internet, I have got only 220 to eat ! It is very hard ! but sometines, I have made some investments every month ($50) on ptc industry for trying to see climb my bank account one day !

You can find me a lot on the internet with my pseudo ! easy to understand

I'm discovering, learning, reading and re-re-re-reading, dashborad, all forums news, all forum threads !

I must discovered again traffic exchange because it is not easy but also not hard !

Thank you very much
Have a nice day
best regards
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A warm welcome and wishes for much success.