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I've only been on this site a few days, and MANY times already I got "Surfing Too Fast" message, which is ALWAYS followed by "Wrong Shape Clicked" on the next page you click ...despite absolutely never clicking too fast, or on the wrong icon?????? Does anyone else have this happen to them?
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Surfing here is getting way too frustrating because of this issue. If they can't get this straightened out for good soon, I'll have to go elsewhere. Please do something!!!!!
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would really be nice if they could fix the StartXchange surf bar, every click i make is now telling me i'm surfing too fast when i darn well know i'm not when i click on the Need help/ at the top of the main account page i got a error 400 page, this is very frustrating
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hi all. I get the same message when surfing. And you don't get credit for that click, so credits for that member's site is wasted. Seems like the system is trying to catch up to the current ad.

Very frustrating.

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Yeah, I'm getting the same message. I can't waste time surfing here if this issue isn't resolved.
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still getting the surf to fast and wronge shape, and alot of click dont caunt at all

hope this is fixed soon
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I just joined and about to start surfing. Hope the problem is already fixed.
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