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Hi - I'm new. I thought I had a general idea of how this worked, but apparently not.

- I can't find a timer that says when I can click to go to the next site.
- After waiting a couple of minutes I click a shape that has a twin. I always get "wrong shape clicked."
- There is no user documentation that I can find.

How do I use this site?

- Bal
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This could be caused by sevewral issues, the most likely one is that something is caching your surfpage.

when you first load the surfpage, you should see a timer for about 1-2 seconds above a text link, this will be replaced by the surf images. If you do not get this:
1. your connection is too slow, and the site is updating the page before you see the timer
2. you are getting a cached surfpage and not a live page

if it is 2, this will explain the 'wrong image clicked' message since the information you are sending back is not current and it detects this.

Things you can try:

1. surf with fewer pages/programs open - the more work your system is doing, the slower pages will load
2. check that you are not using a program that 'speeds up' connections - these often work by pre-loading pages they expect you to want so you do not get the page live from the server, but from a pre-saved cache
3. check your browser is set to always load from server, check your browser help pages for how to do this for your browser
4. if you are using a proxy service, disable it - they can sometimes cause problems too.

remember you can click on either matching shape
so if your surfbar images were Heart, Circle, Star, Triangle, Square, Star, you could click either the 3rd image or 6th image (star)
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