The Traffic Exchange Marathon

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Unlike other contests, the goal of the marathon is not to see how many times you can click in a period of time. But rather, how long can you last clicking? You have two minutes in between each click to stay in the marathon, so you still have time to properly view website, and if you dare - a bathroom break!

The winner gets to pick their prize, the runner up will get the other!

Given randomly to participants in the marathon!

The marathon window is January 1st 2008, in any time zone. Starting when Kiritimati starts the new year first, and ending when Samoa ends the day. In terms of EST that means you can start surfing anywhere from Monday, December 31st 2007 at 5AM to Wednesday, January 2nd 2008 at 6AM.

To participate in the marathon you must have a StartXchange account and have activated by logging in. You must then begin surfing anytime within the marathon window of time. After beginning you must then continue surfing. Pausing surfing for longer than 2 minutes will remove you from the marathon. After all participants have stopped surfing, the winner will be the person who surfed the longest from the time they started surfing to the time they ended. You can only begin surfing in the marathon once, if you stop surfing and the marathon window is still in effect you will not be able to restart your time. The two minute time in between clicks is tracked by StartXchange, and depending on the delay between the server and your computer may appear smaller. To ensure you stay in the marathon, don't wait until the 119th second to click! StartXchange reserves the right to remove anyone participating in the marathon that may be suspected of cheating, or for any other reason deamed necessary to keep the marathon running smoothly and fair.


View Current Standings