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Promote yourself first! My favorite TE's are Sweeva, Startxchange, I Love Hits, Thumb Vu, Legacy Hits, Traffic Swirl, and Surf Skeleton (along with a bunch of others)! I also use a variety of PTC's such as Clicksense, LinkGrand, and Worldlinx, among others.

For those struggling with getting upgrades on the TE's due to money issues, the PTC's can be your answer (between the money you get clicking and residual income you can get by inviting others to join them). Here's a few of my PTC links to get you started:

If you haven't done so, join Click Track Profit so you can claim the CTP badges and get a residual income by referring others yourself! (NOTE: I have two badges myself that I'll give you)
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Stephen Whittle (swhomebiz), Jacksonville FL USA
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