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TrafficWaveSidekick is an easy to use branded squeeze page service specifically designed for use with autoresponders.

Our systems has built in tracking features to track page hits, domains where pages are being displayed, subscriber requests, verified subscribers counts and automatically calculate conversion rates.

We offer an easy to use Plug-N-Play style setup. Simply enter your TrafficWave username in your profie and a campaign name when creating your squeeze pages. The system automatically takes care of the rest. No HTML knowledge required, no need to copy any form codes. It's all built right into the system.

Branding is automatically handled for you using Gravtar. Simply setup an account with, upload your picture and our system takes care of the rest automatically.

Our squeeze pages options:

Display your branded picture (or not)
Branded picture placement location
Form placement location
Optional header graphics choices
Exit overlay option which allows you to promote another site when someone tries to close the page
Advanced WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) page editor that offers a variety of font styles and sizes, colors, highlighting, tables, image insertion and other various formatting options allowing you to create just about any kind of page.

Other features.

Individual page hit tracking
Member level domain and hit tracking by day for up to 28 days
Overall site tracking to see where all pages hosted by TWSK get results.
Downline referral building in other top sites
Kevin Agee
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