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I am "retired" from the healthcare industry. I work from home.
I promote several programs,
Here are a couple of them, Im going to add more soon:

When you join this program, you get upgraded at 4 Traffic Exchange sites;

StartXchange, I Love Hits, ThumbVU, Sweeva and ClickTrackProfit.

Joining saves money because you don't have to pay to upgrade at each individual site, Kore4 upgrades it for you.
You get all the credits and advantages of being upgraded on each site and you also start making $ when someone you've referred just upgrades at one of your 4 sites even if they don't join Kore4!

***** Plus the best part!!!! *****
Refer 2 members to your Kore4 business and it's free.

You can join my Kore4 Team :-) here:


Join My SFI Team:

I am a Team Leader at SFI, I provide daily support and I have a New Team Help Website (a continual work in progress) with step by step lessons. I create a lesson when an affiliate has a question and share it by posting it to my Team site, so that the entire team can benefit; Feel free to take a look. Im happy to teach anyone about SFI, even if you are already a member under someone else :-)

My SFI Team Site:

If you are interested in joining my SFI team, (its free) you will have my 100% support, plus SFI offers FREE Online Education, over 80,000 products to purchase and/or promote, penny auctions, your own websites designed for you, links, banners, music, games, and much more!! SFI has been in business over 17 years and has over 1 million affiliates worldwide! Plus you can also promote your own products!

Personally, Since I retired, I enjoy living at the lake, fishing, kayaking and having friends over. Im a River Rat :-)

One of my favorite things to do is to get out on the lake in a kayak at night when there is a full moon, you can see in the dark, its so peaceful! :-)

Let me know if I can help you...
Thanks for stopping by and looking at my profile
Have a great day!
~Connie :-)